Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier

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Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier is a member of Yeshiva University’s Kollel Elyon and a PhD candidate in Ancient Judaism at Yale University. Previously he served as Director of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Yale University. Shlomo is an alumnus of Yeshivat Har Etzion and Yeshiva University (BA, MA, Semicha), as well as of the Wexner, Tikvah, and AJS Dissertation Completion Fellowships. He has lectured and taught widely across North America, and is excited to share Torah and Jewish scholarship on a broad range of issues. Shlomo, a Founder of The Lehrhaus, serves on the Editorial Committee of Tradition, is co-editor of Torah and Western Thought: Intellectual Portraits of Orthodoxy and Modernity, and is editing the forthcoming Contemporary Forms and Uses of Hasidut.


Sample Titles

Twentieth Century Jewish Thought

– Where Does Holiness Come from? The Rav’s Approach to Kedusha

– To See Life Steadily and See it Whole: Rav Aharon Lichtenstein and the Holistic Integrity of Religious Life

– Does Judaism Recognize an Ethic Independent of Halakha? The Rav vs. Rav Aharon Lichtenstein

– Misnagdic Betrayal? The Hidden Hasidic Thought of Litvish Thinkers

– Creativity, Not Formalism: Rav Yoel Bin-Nun on Tanakh and Halakha

– Ahron Marcus: The Leading Hasidic, Zionist, Scholar of Ancient Judaism You Never Heard of

Halakha and Philosophy

– A Halakhic-Philosophic Account of Justified Self-Defense

– War in the Thought of the Netziv, Maharal, and Beyond

Dibbur vs. Ma’aseh: Speech, Acts, and Speech Acts in Halakha

– The Brain Death Wars: When Life Ends and Halakhic Controversy Begins

Contemporary Jewish Life

The Lehrhaus: A Place of Study for the Digital Age

– A Report from the Technological Trenches: Millennial Jewish Life on Campus and Beyond

– Mythbusters, Campus Edition: What People Get Wrong about Orthodox Life on Campus

– Current Trends in American and Israeli Neo-Chasidus

Ritual and Sacrifice

– The History of Nachas: From Jewish Mothers to Biblical Sacrifice

– Introduction to Kodshim: The Why, What, and How of Korbanot

– Who’s Afraid of Sacrifice? The Avoidance of Ritual in Contemporary Scholarship

– Emperor Julian’s Attempt to Rebuild the Temple in 363 CE: The Bayis Shlishi that Wasn’t

– Is Judaism a Religion? And Does it Matter?

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