Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank

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Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank is a Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva University where he teaches college students and semikhah students Tanakh, Talmud, Halakha, and Jewish Philosophy at RIETS and MYP. Rabbi Wiederblank also serves as rabbi at the Yeshiva Community Shul (Shenk Shul) in Washington Heights. He recently published “Illuminating Jewish Thought: Explorations of Free Will, the Afterlife, and the Messianic Era.”


Sample Titles

  • Limitations on Free Will: Is it ever too late to turn around?
  • What is Olam Haba? Jewish Perspectives on the Afterlife
  • Reason Verses Revelation: The role of the intellect in determining the spirit and letter of the law
  • The Torah’s Perspective of Truth and Lying
  • Tzdaka: Philosophical and Halachic Considerations
  • Are we truly free? The Torah’s Perspective on Free Will
  • Understanding the Preponderance of Talmudic Debate
  • Eilu ve-eilu – Multiple Truths or Multiple Possibilities
  • What will the messianic era look like?
  • How will we know who the true mashiach is?
  • Contradictions between Torah and Science
  • How old was Rivka when she got married: Did the stories in the Midrash literally take place?
  • Is there a mitzvah to study philosophy?
  • What is Kabbala?
  • Does denying one of Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith always constitute heresy?
  • An eye for an eye—Rambam’s perplexing perspective
  • The Guide to the Perplexed—What it’s all about and why it was so controversial
  • How do we know God exists?
  • What are Jewish Business Ethics
  • Understanding the opening chapters of Bereishit
  • Why were we chosen?
  • What is the purpose of mitzvos?
  • The nature of divine providence: Does God control everything?
  • What is the purpose of korbanos?
  • Will there be sacrifices in the messianic era?
  • Tikun olam and our responsibility towards humanity
  • Is the Talmud Relevant in Solving Modern Technological Problems? How conceptual analysis ensures the eternal relevance of the Talmud

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