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Rabbi Menachem Genack

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Rabbi Menachem Genack has been the spiritual leader of Congregation Shomrei Emunah since 1985. He has also served as the Rabbinic Administrator of the Orthodox Union’s Kashrut Division since 1980, overseeing the certification program of some 4,500 food production facilities in 68 countries around the world. In addition, he gives a Yoreh Deah shiur for ordination students at Yeshiva University.

Rabbi Genack is a close disciple of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, zt”l, from whom he received semicha yoreh yoreh yadin yadin. In his semicha, the Rav, zt”l, wrote: “He dives to the depths of the halacha and emerges with pearls and jewels. Not every day does one encounter a scholar of his caliber.” Rabbi Genack aided the Rav in editing the Rav’s Shiurim l’Zecher Aba Mori.

He is the author of three halachic works: Birkat Yitzchak, Gan Shoshanim, and Chazon Nachum, Rabbi Genack is the co-editor of the Mesorah Torah journal. He also edited Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, Man of Halacha, Man of Faith, has published over 180 articles on Jewish thought and law, and serves as a member of Tradition’s editorial board.

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