Rabbi Kenneth Auman

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Rabbi Kenneth Auman has been an adjunct professor of Jewish studies at Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University since 1993. Rabbi Auman is also spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Flatbush, where he has served since 1984. Rabbi Auman is well known among his congregants and students for his warmth, humor and impressive scholarship, and has become a highly sought-after speaker in history, halakha and hashkafa.

In addition to his rabbinical and teaching roles, Rabbi Auman is active in many community causes. Rabbi Auman has served as president of the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush, established the Kehillah Kashrus Rabbinical Board, served as rabbinic advisor to the Get organization, was president of the Rabbinical Council of America and has played an important role in maintaining the Flatbush eruv.

Rabbi Auman earned a BA in Jewish studies at Yeshiva College and an MA in medieval Jewish history from Bernard Revel Graduate School in Jewish Studies. He received both Yadin Yadin and Yoreh Yoreh semikha from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

Rabbi Auman previously served as spiritual leader of Young Israel of Stamford and Inwood Jewish Center. He began his teaching career at SAR Academy in the Bronx and Ramaz Upper School in Manhattan.

Sample Titles

  • ISRAEL: The modern State as heir to the ancient kingdom
  • May one go on the Har Habayit?
  • Does arguing with G-d make any sense?
  • The Mitzvah of chessed
  • Shidduchim, Bashert, and dating
  • The Jewish wedding ceremony
  • How does prayer work?
  • The seudat havra’ah and other cheerful topics
  • What’s in a name?
  • Attempting to be an honest employer or employee
  • Receiving blessings from angels
  • Family Dynamics
  • Dreams and their significance
  • The mitzvoth of Yibbum and chalitza – Jewish continuity
  • Kavod hamet
  • Reward and Punishment: Is the World Fair?
  • The Halachic Obligations of Non- Jews
  • How Much Are We Influenced by our Surroundings?
  • The Mitzvah of Living and Settling in the Land of Israel
  • Does Gd Judge us on Our Present or on Our Future?
  • Halachic Aspects of Dealing with Infertility
  • Old Age: Blessing or Curse?
  • Burying the Dead: A Holy Responsibility
  • Deception: Do the Ends Justify the Means?
  • Celebrating Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Be Nice to Your Relatives!
  • The Proper Way to Give Tzedakah
  • Whitewashing Averot: Chazal’s Cover-Up?
  • More on Names
  • “In Gd We Trust:” How Much?
  • Three Strikes and You’re Out: The Laws of a Widow Remarrying
  • The Arts of Forgiving and of Rebuke
  • The Welfare state as a Jewish Ideal
  • Lo Yasur Shevet Miyhudah
  • Honoring the Government
  • The Age of the Universe and Intelligent Design
  • Substance Abuse from the Jewish Perspective
  • The Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Make Sure You’re on Time! Brit Milah on the 8th Day
  • Be’er Sheva: Unravelling the Mystery of the Name
  • Was the behavior of Lot’s Daughters Justified?
  • How Old was Rivka when She got Married? – Really
  • Did Eliezer Act Responsibly?
  • The Struggle Between Rome and Jerusalem
  • Could Esav Really Sell the Bechorah?
  • Did Yaakov Avinu Know Genetics?
  • Sheva Brachot – Whom Are We Blessing?
  • The Policy of Appeasement
  • Tombstones
  • Machloket: Why can’t We all Just Get Along?
  • The Struggle of Yehuda and Yosef
  • The Welfare state as a Jewish Ideal
  • Kriat Shma
  • The laws of Shmitat Ksafim and Pruzbul as Shmitta draws to a close
  • The laws of Maakeh: Our Physical and Spiritual safety
  • In preparation for Slichot: The significance of the 13 attributes of Divine Mercy
  • The Yamim Noraim Prayers
  • Hallel on Yom ha’atma’ut: the pro’s and con’s
  • The Torah’s Higher Moral Code
  • The Tochacha
  • Why do We Need Parshat Bamidbar?
  • Exchanging Bechorim for Leviim
  • Yerushalayim
  • Why Would Anyone Want to be a Nazir?
  • Holiness – From a Jewish Perspective
  • When Does the Kohen Receive the First Aliya?
  • Shmitta and Yovel: For G-d or for Us?
  • The Significance of the Age of Twenty
  • Birchat Kohanim

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