Dr. Michelle Levine

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Dr. Michelle Levine is Associate Professor of Bible at Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University, where she has taught since 2001. She is also a former faculty member of the Stella K. Abraham Yeshiva High School for Girls (SKA). She holds a BA, summa cum laude with honors, from Brooklyn College, an MS in Bible from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, and a PhD in medieval biblical exegesis from New York University; her dissertation was awarded doctoral fellowships from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. Dr. Levine also studied for two years at Michlalah Teacher’s College in Israel.  Dr. Levine was awarded the senior class Jewish Studies “professor of the year” in 2011.

Dr. Levine is the author of Nahmanides on Genesis: The Art of Biblical Portraiture, which is based on her dissertation, published by Brown University Press (2009). She has published numerous articles on medieval biblical exegesis in academic journals, including “Maimonides’ Philosophical Exegesis of the Nobles’ Vision (Exodus 24): A Guide for the Pursuit of Knowledge;” “The Inner World of Biblical Character Explored in Nahmanides’ Commentary on Genesis;” “Nahmanides’ Literary Approach to Biblical Narrative: Varied Repetition in the Joseph Story;” “Character, Characterization, and Intertextuality in Nahmanides’ Commentary on Biblical Narrative;” “Ramban’s Integrative Reading of Biblical Narrative;” as well as articles on topics of the Bible, including “The Cognitive, Emotional, and Sensory Experience of the Yamim Nora’im: The Message of the Akedah;” “Va-Yera: The Potency of Prayer;” “Yeshayahu’s Call to Prophecy and Ma’amad Har Sinai;” and “Moshe Rabbenu  at Ma’amad Har Sinai:  Ascending and Descending the Mountain.”  She has also delivered papers at academic conferences, in the United States and Israel, focusing particularly on Nahmanides’ literary analysis of the Bible.

Dr. Levine lectures widely across the United States and in Israel on various topics of the Bible and biblical commentaries, including Yeshiva University’s Midreshet Yom Rishon. She gives a popular weekly series on Tanach in Queens, that has been ongoing for sixteen years.  Dr. Levine has also taught recently at Lamdeinu Adult Institute, in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Dr. Levine served as the Jewish Studies curriculum coordinator for the Board of Education of Yeshiva of Central Queens for twelve years.

Sample Titles

  • Bone of My Bones, Flesh of My Flesh: The Creation and Fashioning of Woman in the Book of Genesis
  • The Nexus Between Torah and Creation
  • The Potency of Prayer: Our Matriarch Sarah in Abimelech’s Palace
  • Purchase, Posession, and Perpetuity: Our Hebron (Genesis 23)
  • Walking in the Paths of Ba’alei Teshuva Throughout Tanakh
  • Jacob and Esau: A Tale of Two Brothers
  • Forging Our Nation’s Identity: Lessons from Exile and Redemption
  • From Darkness to Light, From Slavery to Redemption
  • The Road to Redemption: All it Takes are Righteous Women
  • Revealing the Light of Redemption Through Our Prayers: The Berachot Before the Recitation of Shema
  • Perpetuating the Sinai Experience: The Message of the Mishkan for Our Times
  • The Ritual of Repentance: The Avodah of Yom Ha-Kippurim
  • Clothing Makes the Kohen: The Symbolism of the Priestly Garments
  • The Case of the Inverted Nuns: A Lesson in Emunah
  • Tu Beshvat: The Miracle of Nature
  • Chanukah: The Celebration of Torah She-be’al Peh
  • The Illuminating Miracle of Chanukah
  • The Message of the Menorah in R. Obadiah Sforno’s Religious Thought
  • The Proper Practice of Repentance in the Haftarot of the Three Weeks
  • The Story of Achsah (Judges, ch. 1): A Warrior Groom and the Bride as Prize
  • Devorah in the Book of Judges: A Woman Ahead of Her Times
  • The Sacrifice or Sanctification of Yiftach and His Daughter
  • Of Vineyards and Grapes: Isaiah’s Song
  • Isaiah: Prophet of Rebuke, Prophet of Consolation
  • Woman of Folly, Woman of Valor: A Feminine Perspective on Sefer Mishlei
  • Redemption, Restoration, and Remembrance in the Book of Ruth
  • Dreams, Prophecies, and the World’s Destiny in the Book of Daniel
  • Kiddush Hashem in the Book of Daniel
  • The Literary Resourcefulness of Biblical Repetition in the Thought of Ramban
  • Entering the Hearts and Minds of the Biblical Figures through Ramban’s Commentary
  • Ramban’s Literary Analysis of Biblical Character
  • Ramban’s Integrative Reading of Biblical Narrative
  • Ramban’s Commentary on the Song of the Sea: The Poetic Artistry of Biblical Song
  • The Na’aseh Ve-Nishma Jew: The Italian Renaissance and R. Obadiah Sforno’s Conception of the Ideal Jew
  • A Guide to Being A Complete Jew: R. Obadiah Sforno’s Commentary on Kohelet
  • Poetry, Prophecy, and Polemic: Rashi’s Commentary on the Song of Songs

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