Dr. Jeffrey S. Gurock

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Dr. Jeffrey S. Gurock is the Libby M. Klaperman Professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University. He is the author or editor of 14 books, including “Orthodox Jews in America,” “Judaism’s Encounter With American Sports,” and “American Jewish Orthodoxy in Historical Perspective.”

His “A Modern Heretic and a Traditional Community: Mordecai M. Kaplan, Orthodoxy and American Judaism” (Columbia University Press, 1997) was awarded the bi-annual Saul Viener Prize from the American Jewish Historical Society for the best book written in that field.

Dr. Gurock is chair of the Academic Council of the American Jewish Historical Society and served from 1982 to 2002 as associate editor of “American Jewish History,” the leading academic journal in that field.

Sample Titles

  • American Judaism’s Contemporary Scoreboard
  • From Ancient Face-Offs through Medieval Time-Outs: Jewish History and the Culture of Sports
  • Jewish Harlem: Past and Present
  • Reaching American Jewry’s Millennial Generation
  • American Orthodoxy’s Era of Non-Observance
  • How Frum Was Rabbi Jacob Joseph’s Court?
  • A Modern Heretic and a Traditional Community
  • An American Jewish Conspiracy Theory: Dr. Bernard Revel, Yeshiva and the Jewish Theological Seminary (A Text Study Workshop)
  • The Religious Values of American Jews: Historically Reconsidered (A Text Study Workshop)
  • The Voices of Immigrant Jewish Masses (A Text Study Workshop)

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