Dr. David Pelcovitz

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Dr. David Pelcovitz holds the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in Psychology and Jewish Education at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration of Yeshiva University. He is also special assistant to President Richard M. Joel. In addition, Dr. Pelcovitz is an instructor in pastoral counseling at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

Serving for more than two decades as director of psychology at North Shore University Hospital-NYU School of Medicine and clinical professor of psychology at NYU School of Medicine, Dr. Pelcovitz has consulted extensively with the Jewish community in the United States, Europe and Israel on a wide range of issues facing children and adolescents.

Dr. Pelcovitz, who received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, has published and lectured extensively on a variety of topics related to education, parenting and child mental health. Areas of research and clinical specialty include family violence, the impact of domestic violence, stress management, transmitting values to children and adolescents and coping with trauma and loss.

His most recent publication was “Balanced Parenting,” a book he wrote in collaboration with his father, Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz, on parenting from a Jewish perspective.

Sample Titles

  • The funds, faith, family and friends of happy People: What does Judaism and Psychology teach us about what makes us happy
  • Dealing with Loss: Psychological and Jewish insights on illness and loss
  • Gratitude: What does recent psychological research teach us about the importance of gratitude- and how can we build these insights into our every day lives?
  • Anger: Jewish and psychological perspective on anger management at home and at work
  • Cynicism Vs. Respect: Teaching respect for parents and grandparents in an age of cynicism
  • Helping your child deal with external influences: Television, video games, movies and the Internet
  • How to raise your child to be a mentch: what does psychological research teach us about mentch making? How does this relate to Jewish values?
  • Money and Your Child: How to instill the proper values about money in your children
  • Communication with your children: The basic building block of building a relationship with your child and adolescent
  • How to Talk so Your Teenagers Listen and How to Listen so your Teenagers Talk
  • Helping your child deal with trauma: talking to your child about loss, terrorism in Israel
  • Motivating your child
  • Developing your child’s uniqueness
  • The at risk child
  • Beyond Sibling Rivalry: Help Your Children Become Cooperative, Caring and Compassionate
  • Children Witnessing Domestic Violence
  • The Year in Israel
  • Talking to your Children about Issues of Intimacy
  • Infertility: The Emotional Roller Coaster
  • The Building Blocks of a Healthy Relationship
  • The State of Depression and the Jewish Community: It’s Prevalence and Profound Impact on the Individual, Family, and Community
  • It’s Tough Being a Kid: Navigating the Ups and Downs of a Child’s Life
  • Raising Healthy Children in an Unhealthy World

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