Sephardic Topics: Jewish Communities of the Islamic World

Rabbi Moshe Tessone

Rabbi Moshe Tessone is Director of The Sephardic Community Program at Yeshiva University and a distinguished faculty member at Yeshiva University’s Belz School of Jewish Music and at the Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies (IBC) where he teaches Halakha (Jewish law) and Sephardic customs. Moshe Tessone has toured extensively throughout North America, Latin America and Israel as a distinguished speaker on topics related to Torah, issues of Sephardic interest and Jewish education. He has also performed as a concert soloist featuring Judeo Arabic and Judeo Spanish religious music, prayer and liturgy. Rabbi Tessone received his rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University, and earned his Masters degree in Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration at YU. Moshe Tessone released his debut Sephardic Album/CD, entitled Odeh La’ El in Jan 2005. His newer album of original Jewish Sephardic pop music entitled Hakshiva was released in March of 2006, to great acclaim. Sample Titles Contemporary Sephardic Communities in America: Who Are the Sephardim? Jewish Leadership in the Sephardic Community: Understanding the Culture of the Sephardic Communal World Sephardic Liturgical Music: Judeo Arabic and Judeo Spanish Sounds and History Sephardim Vs Mizrahim: A Cultural and Halakhic Comparison Sephardic Integration: A Jewish Communal Challenge Middle Eastern Jewry: Understanding Judeo Arabic Culture Jewish Communities of The Islamic World : A Historical and Cultural Overview The Syrian Community of North America: A Historical Overview, and it’s Communal Life The Jews of Panama: A Historical Overview and Communal Life The Secret to Jewish Prayer: Understanding the concept of Avodah She’Balev The Jewish Patriarchs as a Paradigm of Jewish History: “Ma’aseh Avot Seeman Le’banim” How Can We Learn from Jewish Role Models: The Life and Times of Avraham, Yitzhak & Yaakov Expressing Gratitude Through Hallel: Understanding The Halakhic and Talmudic Sources for Hallel Hallel on Yom Ha’atzmaut? : Is There a Halakhic...


Dr. Daniel Tsadik

Daniel Tsadik is an assistant Professor at Yeshiva University (New York) and a visiting assistant Professor at the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism. A Fulbright scholar, Dr. Tsadik obtained his PhD in 2002 from the Yale University History Department specializing in the areas of Iranian and Middle Eastern history as well as in history of the Jews under Islam. His research focuses on the modern history of Iran, Shi’ah Islam, and Iran’s religious minorities. Subsequent to his studies at Yale, Dr. Tsadik has been teaching at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and elsewhere. He received fellowships from various places, including Tel-Aviv University’s Dayan Center for the research of Islam and the Middle East, the Hebrew University’s Golda Meir Fellowship Trust and Warburg Fellowship of the Institute for Judaic Studies, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin’s Institute for Advanced Study, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies. Dr. Tsadik has authored a book entitled Between Foreigners and Shi‘is: Nineteenth-Century Iran and its Jewish Minority (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007). He also has published articles in his fields of interest, such as “The Legal Status of Religious Minorities: Imami Shi‘i Law and Iran’s Constitutional Revolution,” Islamic Law and Society 10, 3 (2003), 376-408; “Nineteenth Century Shi‘i Anti-Christian Polemics and the Jewish Aramaic Nevuat ha-Yeled [The Prophecy of the Child],” Iranian Studies 37 (2004), 5-15; and “Religious Disputations of Imami Shi‘is against Judaism in the Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries,” Studia Iranica, 34 (2005), 95-134. Sample Titles Islam’s Attitude Towards the Jews Quran and the Jews Muslim-Jewish Polemics Iran, Shi’ah Islam, and the Jews Jews of Iran Maimonides on...

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