History: History of the Synagogue

Dr. Steven Fine

Dr. Steven Fine is the Dean Pinkhos Churgin Chair in Jewish History at Yeshiva College and Professor of Jewish History at the Bernard Revel Graduate School, director of Center for Israel Studies and head of the department of Jewish history at Yeshiva College. Dr. Fine is a cultural historian, specializing in Jewish history in the Greco-Roman world. Dr. Fine’s unique blend of history, rabbinic literature, archaeology and art is expressed in a broad range of publications. The author of academic monographs, museum catalogs, articles and even a book for children, Dr. Fine’s most recent book is “Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World: Toward a New Jewish Archaeology” (Cambridge, 2005, updated edition, 2009). He is an editor of a “IMAGES: A Journal for the Study of Jewish Art and Visual Culture.” Dr. Fine has lectured throughout the United States, Canada, Israel and Europe. His combination of history, Talmud, archaeology and “bonhomie” make Dr. Fine popular with both Jewish and Christian audiences. Sample Titles Jewish Magic and Healing in the Talmudic Period Archaeology and Zionism Kedushat Beit Ha-Knesset: The Sanctity of the Synagogue The Second Temple in Jewish Art and Thought The Da Vinci Code Illuminates Jewish Art: Explorations with a Real-Life Jewish “Symbologist” Is the Vatican Hiding the Temple Menorah? The Tangible Talmud: Archaeology Illuminates the World of the Ancient Rabbis The Sanctity of the Synagogue: Ancient and Modern Where did Jesus Pray?: Synagogues in First Century Judaea Nicanor’s Beautiful Gate: Donation to the Jerusalem Temple The Zodiac in Jewish Art The Samaritans: Portrait of a Biblical People Archaeological Discoveries that have Changed Jewish...


Rabbi Ari Lamm

Rabbi Ari Lamm completed his B.A. in History & Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University, and his M.A. in Jewish Studies and Eastern Christianity at University College London. He completed his Semichah at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in 2015, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity at Princeton University. He was Yeshiva University’s first ever recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship, which took him to London for his M.A. In addition, he has received a Henry Kressel Research Scholarship, a Tikvah Postgraduate Fellowship, and is currently a Wexner Graduate Fellow. Rabbi Lamm is the Special Advisor to the President of Yeshiva University, a position he started in June with the election of YU’s fifth president, Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman. He works closely with the president on all matters concerning the university’s mission and vision, and oversees the intellectual and philosophical initiatives emerging from the Office of the President. Previously Rabbi Lamm was the William Fischman Resident Scholar at the Jewish Center on the Upper West Side. He is passionate about exploring Jewish identity through the study of Jewish history and archaeology during the Biblical, Second Temple and Rabbinic eras. His regular classes on Judaism and the origins of Christianity have garnered a wide, online listenership, and have been spotlighted on Voice of Israel radio. He is also a founding editor and contributing author at The Lehrhaus. He is also keenly aware of Jewish responsibilities to the rest of humankind, and to that end is an Executive Committee Member of the Sri Lanka based organization, “Global Unites,” which promotes grassroots, non-violent, youth-based peace-making in conflict-torn areas from Africa and southeast Asia to Latin America and the Middle East.  Rabbi Ari Lamm will be teaching at YU’s Community Beit Midrash for the Fall 2017 semester. Sample Titles Hero or Hypocrite? Attacks on the Pharisees During the Second Temple Period Faith & Fanatacism: The Maccabees & Christian Martyrdom From the Persian Empire to the U.N. – Hakamat...

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