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Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff

Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff serves on the Judaic studies faculty of Stern College for Women. Originally from London, England, Rabbi Hajioff graduated with honors in political science from Manchester University. After working for two years for MTV in news production, and winning the national competition ‘Jewish Stand-Up Comedian’ of the Year, Rabbi Hajioff traveled to study in Israel and then Monsey to receive his rabbinical smicha ordination from Yeshiva Ohr Somayach. Rabbi Hajioff has worked extensively with young Jewish drug addicts, and in 2004 received an award from the Town of Ramapo for his work on their behalf. In 2005 Rabbi Hajioff joined the faculty of Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University. In 2006 he received the “Professor of the Year” award in Judaic Studies from the senior year students at Stern. Rabbi Hajioff also works for Birthright Israel in New York as their official Rabbi and educational director. He has been instrumental in implementing programs for Birthright Israel in Manhattan such as the very successful adult bar and bat mitzvah program which some four hundred people have completed so far. He also leads trips to Israel and Poland three times annually for some three hundred participants. Rabbi Hajioff also teaches on the Mechina Introductory Judaic studies program at Stern College. This program includes Shabbatonim on and off campus, and a summer learning program in Israel at the YU campus. He teaches introductory Judaic studies courses, which cover all the foundations of Jewish thought, as well as a lower intermediate level course covering all the Jewish holidays, and an intermediate level course on the Sabbath. He has developed a new course introducing kabbalistic ideas in Jewish thought. Sample Titles The Five Levels of Pleasure Four Misconceptions Jews Have About Judaism Children – Planting and Building; Bringing up Healthy Children in Today’s Technological World. Finding Inspiration in a Hectic World Do Jews Believe in G-d War – What is it Good For? Israel – Whose Land Is It Anyway? Health...


Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph

Josh Joseph is the senior vice president at Yeshiva University where he has operating responsibility for the administrative and academic aspects of the University, ensuring strategic planning and implementation of restructuring initiatives. Recently, Josh successfully defended his dissertation, earning his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania in Higher Education Management. A native of Montreal, Josh completed his undergraduate degree with honors at Penn as well. He received rabbinic ordination from YU-affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, while completing a Master’s in Jewish philosophy at YU’s Bernard Revel Graduate School. He also completed fellowships and certificates at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Administration, as well as Harvard’s Institute of Higher Education. Josh previously worked at a hedge fund, as a community rabbi, served as the executive director of the Orthodox Caucus, and director of social entrepreneurialism at YU’s Center for the Jewish Future. He and his wife, Julie, live in Lawrence and are the proud parents of Zach, Ozzie, and Marsha. Sample Titles Leadership 2020 The End of Human Specialness The Creativity Crunch Happiness U Emotional Intelligence Next Practices to Train and Inspire the Next Generation of Jewish Leaders What Question is Hashem Asking YOU? The Guidance of the Netziv for Life Decisions & Direction Let My Startup Nation Go Power of Prayer The Power of Positive Thinking: Faith in Trying Times Blackberry Unplugged and The Power of Now Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Jewish Life A Survival Guide to the Second Seder UP: A direction we can all agree upon Blind Sides and Blind Spots: The State of Orthodoxy in 2010 Beyond Time: The many facets and faces of Shabbos What number was yesterday? A reminder about Sefiras haOmer The Closing of the Jewish Mind Forces for Good: Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today Transformational Conversations and the Speaker-Listener Technique THE EXPERT WITHIN: Educational Leadership and the Millennial...


Mr. Sam Tyszler

Sam Tyszler is a technology professional, specializing in networking and application delivery, personal technology, and classroom and back-office applications of educational technology. He has been with Yeshiva University for over a decade. His most recent assignment has been as Associate Registrar in the University Office of Enrollment management. In this capacity, Sam is responsible for supporting the technology needs of the University registrar offices and the Enrollment Managment office at large. In addition to his technology-oriented role, Sam serves the University’s Wilf Campus undergraduate community as Registrar. Prior to joining the Enrollment Management office Sam has served in the University’s Information Technology Services department as Senior Project Manager & Technology Standards Specialist. In this capacity he led major University-wide projects aimed at modernizing its technology infrastructure and delivering mission-critical services. Sam also played a key R&D role tasked with evaluating new technologies and advising senior management as to how they fit in to University IT objectives. Sam has also served the Yeshiva University High School for Girls as its first Technology Coordinator. He designed and built its entire technology platform from scratch and provided day-to-day support to all of its members. Additionally, he taught regular IT classes covering topics ranging from fundamentals to system administration. Sam conducts regular training with faculty and administration alike with the aim helping them get the most out of the University’s technology investment. Sample Titles Enrollment Management Technology & Data Security Personal Technology (and educational applications of such) Systems Administration...

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