Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander

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Rabbi Dr. Kenneth (Kenny) Brander is Vice President for University and Community Life at Yeshiva University.  He concurrently serves as the inaugural David Mitzner Dean of Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future. The CJF shapes, enriches and inspires the contemporary Jewish community by convening the resources of Yeshiva. It does so by infusing the student body with the spirit of leadership and a sense of klal Yisrael. CJF serves to build, cultivate and support communities, rabbinic and lay leaders, and individuals. Furthermore, CJF is creating a global movement that promotes the values of Yeshiva. Rabbi Brander is rabbi emeritus of the Boca Raton Synagogue, founding dean of the Boca Raton Community Kollel and founder of the Weinbaum Yeshiva High School of Broward and Palm Beach counties. During his 14 years of service to that community, he oversaw its explosive growth from 60 families to some 600 families. Rabbi Brander is a 1984 alumnus of Yeshiva College and received his ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in 1986. At RIETS, he had the distinction of serving as personal aide to the esteemed Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. He also received special ordination from Machon Puah, a center of medical ethics in Israel, and from former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu in the field of medical ethics. He received his PhD in general philosophy from Florida Atlantic University.

Sample Titles

  • Playing God: Can I Choose my Child? PGD and Genetic Screening – A Torah Perspective
  • My Egg, My Husband, Her Womb, Whose Child? The Ethics of Reproductive Medicine Through the Prism of Jewish Law
  • The Ethics of Reproductive Medicine in Jewish Law: A Torah Perspective
  • End of Life Issues Through the Prism of Halakhah
  • Fertility Procedures
  • The Gift of Life: Donating Organs; A Jewish Perspective
  • Our Health and Well-being: Compassionate and Halakhic Treatment of the Terminally Ill Patient
  • Stem Cell Research – The Definition of Life as seen in Parshat Mishpatim
  • Ethics of War
  • “Is Zionism Diametrically Opposed to Judaism?”
  • Contemporary Halakhot of Modesty
  • Truth About Women’s Zimun
  • Privacy: Hezek Rei’ya
  • Synagogue – Mikdash Ma’at Creating Spiritual Spaces
  • Role of Divine Intervention in the Halachic Process
  • Our Personal Relationship with God: A Mystical Approach
  • Rabbi Eliezer’s Seder Table: Understanding It’s Historical and Philosophical Significance
  • The Value of Atheism: God’s Search for Man; Man’s Search for God
  • The Value of Sin: The Key to Personal Growth
  • Our Communities: A Philosophy of Balance and Synthesis
  • Redemption Naturally: Moshiach and The Modern State of Israel
  • Home is Where the Heart is and Where the Chametz was
  • Preparation for Pesach
  • Early Versions of the Hagadah
  • Reflecting the Light of Chanukah Through the Thought of Rabbi Soloveitchik
  • Sefirat ha’Omer and the Students of Rabbi Akiva: Learning from Their Death, the Purpose of Life
  • The Students of Rabbi Akiva: From Their Death Learning the Purpose of Life
  • Yom Ha’Kippurim A Day Hallowed in Fear or Honored in Joy?
  • Yom Hashoa: Theological Implications of the Holocaust
  • Yom Yerushalayim and Religious Zionism through the Prism of Rabbi Soloveitchik’s Teachings
  • The Modern State of Israel: Is Redemption Possible Through a Natural Process?
  • U’Netaheh Tokef Understanding the Historic, Midrashic and Talmudic Roots
  • Exploring Halachik and Philosophical Aspects of the Ten Martyrs
  • Exploring Our Relationship with God: God’s Search for Man; Man’s Search for God
  • Say to Them that You are my Sister
  • Scandals in the Bible: Kiss of Death; Kiss of Deliverance
  • The Second Luchot and the Role of Devine Intervention in the Halachic Process
  • The Shattered Tablets: Understanding the Odyssey of the Jew
  • In Search for the Sixth Book of the Bible: An Overview of Sefer Bamidbar
  • The Story of Esther, The Story of Yosef
  • Notions of Song, Crossing the Sea and How this Relates to our Life
  • The Notion of Talmud Torah as seen Through the First and Second Luchot
  • Medical Response and Treatment on Shabbat
  • Gynecological Procedures and Hilchot Niddah
  • Gynecological Procedures and Their Interface with the Laws of Taharat Hamispacha
  • Reproductive Medicine and Hilchot Niddah
  • Talmud

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