Dr. Aaron Koller

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Dr. Aaron Koller is an assistant professor of Bible in Yeshiva College. Aaron received his doctorate in Bible and Semitics in the Revel School of Jewish Studies after doing coursework at the University of Pennsylvania and YU, where he focused on Semitic and other Near Eastern languages and Iron Age history, while also studying linguistics, Bible, Levantine archaeology, and Second Temple and rabbinic Judaism. He also has a strong interest in contemporary ethical thought. He has written papers about Aramaic dialects and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and also teaches classes on biblical interpretation and history at the Drisha Institute.

Sample Titles

  • The Uniqueness of Man in Eden and in Science
  • Human Development and the “Sin” of Eden
  • The Philistines in the Bible and in History
  • Reconstructing Sennacherib’s Attack on Judah
  • Archaeology in the Study of the Bible
  • Where did the Alphabet Come From?
  • Aramaic Sources from Biblical Times
  • Everyday Life in Biblical Times
  • The “Ma‘aseh Merkavah” of Ezekiel: Its Meaning and Significance
  • The Modern Book in the Bible: Kohelet
  • Amos, a Radical in his Time
  • How do we Know What a Biblical Hebrew Word Means?
  • The Structure and Purpose of the Book of Deuteronomy
  • “Torah from Zion”: Jerusalem as the International Court of Justice in Isaiah 2
  • The Law of the Slanderer
  • The Structure and Meaning of the Book of Ezekiel
  • Homicide: Halakhic and Neuropsychological Aspects
  • The Power and Meaning of Martyrdom
  • Language Choices in Second Temple Judaism and Rabbinic Literature
  • The Language and Character of Hillel the Elder
  • The Limits of Halakha
  • The Dual Nature of Rosh ha-Shana

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